Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

Local Wally's Guide to San Diego


What to Do in San Diego: Bacon and Barrels Festival, May 21st, 2016

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Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, AND BEER!

The Bacon & Barrels Festival is back, and this time it’s better than ever.  On Saturday May 21st, the hottest chefs from the finest local restaurants will prepare and serve small plates starring bacon in its most inventive forms. The best mixologists, brewers and wine makers will quench your thirst with refreshing bacon-based and bacon-inspired cocktails and brews. The event will feature equally impressive views, as it will be held on the waterfront at Embarcadero Marina Park South.


This hog heaven will include artisan and local vendors, live music by The Spazmatics, demos by celebrity chefs and a whole lot of fun!  To celebrate special achievement in the bacon arts, one chef and one mixologist will be named the 2016 Jefe del Porko by well-known food enthusiasts. It's pretty much the Bacon Oscars, and not one to be missed!

Tickets are now available for those 21 years and older and can be purchased here. Not to mention, all food and drink tastings are unlimited and included in the ticket prices. Go hog wild!

San Diego's Mission Brewery Takes Home the Gold!

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Mission Brewery wins again!

In a few short years, San Diego has become the home of one of the most thriving craft beer cities across the country. With big-name breweries like Green Flash, Mission Brewery, Stone Brewing Co. and Ballast Point being brewed in San Diego, the city has experienced strong support for the growth and spread of this industry. A community that seeks innovative methods for perfecting their newest brews, San Diego has proudly help foster some of the most original craft beers that we have seen on the market.

One of the community’s newest legends is Mission Brewery’s Hard Root Beer. A twist on the classic IPAs and ales that we see being created, Mission’s Hard Root Beer has opened up a new door for those looking to expand their craft-brewed palette.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the response our craft hard root beer has received in the market,” Mission Brewery owner Dan Selis said. “We expect it to continue growing in popularity.” 

A new taste on the craft beer scene, the Hard Root Beer has seen growing popularity in the past year. In the 2015 US Open Beer Championship, Mission proudly received the Gold Medal for their Hard Root Beer, beating out competitors from all across the country. Creamy, smooth, and sweet but not cloying, Mission’s Hard Root Beer has traditional root beer notes of sarsaparilla and vanilla. This new trend on the craft beer market is one that you don’t want to miss! Get out of your comfort zone and experience one of San Diego’s newest innovations: a gold-medal winning hard root beer, proudly brewed right here in down town San Diego.

Guest Blog by  Alisha Starelli

Wally Adds a Few Comments

Great local beer at San Diego's Mission Brewery

When I was a kid my favorite school field trip was to the Wonder Bread factory. The smells of baking bread were intoxicating and the tiny little loaf of Wonder Bread they gave you at the end was like a tiny block of edible gold.  Today that same Wonder Bread factory is home to Mission Brewery and while they no longer make bread you can get some pretty darn incredible beer there!  I wonder if kids today go on field trips to Mission Brewery to see how beer is made and to take home a sample 6 pack for Dad?  Doubt it, but what a good idea!

It's no surprise that Mission Brewery has won awards and you need to get yourself in there to taste for yourself why it's one of San Diego's most popular beers.  Go before a Padre game, go after, go whenever, it's still one of the best field trips you will ever go on.

Congrats, Mission Brewery!

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What to Do in San Diego This Weekend: Go Beer Tasting!

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This is a nice welcome at Belching Beaver Brewery.

Beer in San Diego?  Heck yeah, San Diego has over 100 breweries.  You knew that.  I mean, everyone knows that!  But if the only breweries you've visited have been the big names like Stone or Karl Strauss then come on a beer tasting safari with me and discover some cool little breweries in San Diego's North County.

Yes, this is Belching Beaver.  Really, it is!

Leave it to (Belching) Beaver

This is Belching Beaver Brewery in Vista.  No, this doesn't look like a corporate joint like Rock Bottom Brewery or Gordon Biersch.  And that's why I like it.  A lot of the breweries in North County are housed in industrial parks and the guy behind the counter is usually the owner or beermeister.  That's pretty cool.  In fact, let me introduce you to Dave, one of the owners of Belching Beaver.

Hi Dave from Belching Beaver!

It might be a good time to mention that right in the same area is Iron Fist Brewing, Aztec Brewing, Indian Joe, Booze Brothers, and Lattitude 33.  Mother Earth Brewing isn't too far away, either, so you can really make a day of this if you have the stamina.  You can even get a cool Brewery Pass that gets you discounts at some of these.  See, Local Wally is always looking out for you!

But wait a second, is that Mishmash Gourmet out in the parking lot?  Whadda ya cooking?

Pop up dining at its best with Mishmash Gourmet from Vista. 

This is anther thing I like about these smaller breweries.  No corporate food, no frozen burger patties, no overpriced and overcooked "pub food", you can find some serious good eats, especially when it's Mishmash Gourmet.

This is not your standard fish taco at Mishmash Gourmet.

Their "fish taco" is not what you might expect.  It's seasoned tilapia on top of mango and arugula tossed with a zesty citrus vinaigrette stuffed into a crisp wonton on top of a bed of rice.  $10 and definitely worth it.

I love fries and you get a ton of them at Mishmash.

And you have to get some fries, right?  Especially when they have truffle parmesan fries.  No wimpy serving, it's enough so you don't mind if your friend snakes a few.  So take note, I have a beer, I have wonton tacos, I have fries, can it get any better?

Great scene outside at Belching Beaver Brewery.

Great scene outside at Belching Beaver Brewery.

Sure, you could sit inside but my favorite spot at Belching Beaver is under the oak trees on the back patio where there is often music on the weekend.

Is that Jennifer Corday?  Yes, it is.

Is that Jennifer Corday?  Yes, it is.

I'm a big fan of Jennifer Corday.  Well, OK, I have only heard her once and that was this day but any singer who goes from The Carpenters to Joplin is A-OK in my book.  Hey, how come I was the only one singing along to Top of the World???? 

So there you go, a few lost hours on a Sunday afternoon that, as Miss Landers from Leave it to Beaver would have said, I will never get back.  But I am totally OK with that.  Come visit Belching Beaver or any of the other Vista breweries this weekend and see what I mean.  It's one of the Best Things to Do this Weekend in San Diego!