Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

San Diego Symphony Concert Schedule, Fall/Winter 2018

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Rickie Lee Jones performs Nov. 9th, 2018, in San Diego

Rickie Lee Jones performs Nov. 9th, 2018, in San Diego

The San Diego Symphony launched their 2018-19 indoor season last week with a sold-out performance featuring pianist Lang Lang. The Symphony is continuing the exciting momentum in November with a packed lineup of Jacobs Masterworks and Jazz @ The Jacobs concerts, as well as the return of the City Lights concert series on November 9 with Rickie Lee Jones & Anders Osborne.

November will also host two of the San Diego Symphony’s most anticipated events of the season:

On November 1, the San Diego Symphony will be unveiling a special concert series: Rush Hour 2.0. This series features one-hour concerts designed to help people who live or work downtown skip traffic, while enjoying a world-class musical program at a lower price. Guests can also enjoy signature cocktails, a photobooth, and a food truck prior to the concert. The first Rush Hour 2.0 concert will feature a one-hour performance of Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto with 24-year-old pianist Conrad Tao, who was recently named one of New York Times’ 5 Classical Music Faces to Watch this Season. 

On November 1, 2 and 4, the San Diego Symphony will host the world premiere of a unique commissioned work – Brazos de niebla – that brings together Mexican composer Javier Alvarez and genre-crossing United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. Alvarez’s piece – that is set to an original poem by Herrera (a San Diego native) – depicts the thoughts and feelings of a young immigrant child lost in the circumstances surrounding him. This work, commissioned by the San Diego Symphony, will provide a snapshot of today’s climate, start conversation and connect people through a moving musical narrative.

Looking ahead to December, the Symphony will be celebrating the winter holidays with two exciting concert offerings: Love Actually in Concert on December 14 and Noel Noel on December 15, 21 and 22. Tis the season to celebrate with music!


David Danzmayr, Conductor

Conrad Tao, Piano 

The unique commissioned work that opens this program brings together Mexican composer Javier Álvarez and genre-crossing United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. Imagining the hopes, fears and dreams of an immigrant child, this work features a boy soprano and incorporates the sound of Mexican vihuelas. The concert also features brilliant young pianist/composer Conrad Tao performing Piotr Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto.

Note: This Rush Hour 2.0 concert begins at 6:30 PM and runs less than 90 minutes with no intermission.



David Danzmayr, Conductor

Conrad Tao, Piano 

The unique commissioned work that opens this program brings together Mexican composer Javier Álvarez and genre-crossing United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. Imagining the hopes, fears and dreams of an immigrant child, this work features a boy soprano and incorporates the sound of Mexican vihuelas. The concert also features brilliant young pianist/composer Conrad Tao performing Piotr Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto.



Russ Peck, Organ 

Our film season opens with the final Silent Era Masterpiece from comedian extraordinaire, Buster Keaton. Buster plays a college graduate trying to gain the respect of his father, a roughneck riverboat captain, as well as the love of Kitty, pretty daughter of his father’s business rival. This film contains one of cinema’s most famous (and dangerous) stunts as Buster narrowly avoids being crushed by a tumbling house facade.



Our City Lights season opens with an artist who has been blazing her own trail for years, singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones. From her early collaborations with Tom Waits and Dr. John to her own breakout hits “Chuck E.’s In Love” and “The Last Chance Texaco,” Jones became a “cool pop” icon in the late ‘70s/early ‘8os, appearing on Rolling Stone covers and SNL. Two Grammys® and 15 critically-acclaimed albums later (including her landmark 1981 breakup album Pirates), Jones has fearlessly explored a number of American musical idioms such as rhythm & blues, jazz and (most recently) New Orleans soul. Rickie Lee Jones’ vast repertoire, musical curiosity and “confessional” style of songwriting will make for a memorable evening at Copley Symphony Hall. Jones' special guest will be sensational New Orleans singer and guitarist, Anders Osborne. Guitar Player calls him “the poet laureate of Louisiana’s fertile roots music scene.” New Orleans' Gambit Weekly has honored Osborne as the Entertainer Of The Year. OffBeat named him the Crescent City’s Best Guitarist for the third year in a row, and the Best Songwriter for the second straight year. Osborne also won Song Of The Year for his composition, "Louisiana Gold."



Steven Sloane, Conductor

Orli Shaham, Piano

We continue our celebration of Leonard Bernstein@100 with works inspired by him and written by close colleagues. The urban sophistication of Bernstein’s own The Age of Anxiety, which is structured as a concerto for piano with orchestra, contrasts with the pastoral nostalgia invoked by Aaron Copland’s American masterpiece, Appalachian Spring.



Winner of ten Grammy® awards (including the first-ever Grammy® for Best Latin Recording), Eddie Palmieri is a living legend and innovator who in the 1970s dared to combine elements of salsa, funk and soul with a Latin jazz heritage absorbed from early collaborators Tito Rodríguez, Carl Tjader and his own beloved brother, Charlie Palmieri. Founder of the bands La Perfecta, La Perfecta II and Harlem River Drive, Palmieri recently received the coveted Jazz Master award from the National Endowment of the Arts and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

Note: San Diego Symphony does not appear as part of this program.



Rob Fisher, Conductor

Two of Broadway’s brightest stars come together for one glittering evening of American song with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra! Matthew Morrison is well-known for his featured roles in Broadway’s Hairspray, The Light in the Piazza and South Pacific as well as the landmark Fox TV series, Glee. Before winning the Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical for the 2015 revival of The King and I, Kelli O’Hara was Morrison’s co-star in The Light in the Piazza and South Pacific. Together they and the Symphony will make Copley Symphony Hall shine like the Great White Way!



Johannes Debus, Conductor

Jeff Thayer, Violin

Witold Lutosławski wrote his charming Polish folk music-based Little Suite in response to criticism of his First Symphony as being “too modern." Antonín Dvoŕák’s Sixth Symphony brought him international recognition, and shows his developed style following German traditional form infused with Czech folk melodies. Concertmaster Jeff Thayer performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s final violin concerto, which contains a hint of international influence in the final movement.

Temecula Wine Tasting on a Budget

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Lovely Temecula Wine Country

Wine Country in San Diego?

Yes, just an hours drive from San Diego or Orange County is Temecula where you’ll find a bustling wine region with over 40 wineries and a dozen or so breweries. Once a hidden day trip destination, Temecula Wine Country has become one of the top weekend attractions and it’s easy to see why. There’s wine, there’s food, there are picnic spots, there’s live music, and this happens every weekend. What are you waiting for?

The Ultimate Stop by Stop Temecula Winery Itinerary… on a Budget!

Stop 1: There are a number of wineries who have their own restaurants but for me there’s nothing better than a picnic with a glass of wine at a winery. That’s why I make my first stop Campini’s Deli. Located close to the freeway in a strip mall, Canpini’s is an authentic Italian deli with great sandwiches. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Stop 2: Thornton Winery: Let’s kick off the day with a glass of champagne! There’s no better place to do this than at Thornton Winery where there are 7 different varietals. It’s also on the Priority Wine Pass so you can get two for one tastings and save $20. Wait, you didn’t buy one? Just go here, buy ONE pass per couple, and show it on your phone. It will pay for itself many times over.

Stop 3: Hart Winery: One of the oldest wineries in Temecula with a small and friendly tasting room. I love places like this over some of the giant mega wineries being built because you still get that family run winery vibe. Yes, two for one on the Priority Wine Pass, save $15. Afterwards it might be time to enjoy that picnic lunch and Hart has plenty of picnic tables with beautiful views.

Stop 4: BelVino Winery: With the expansive lawn area and live music on weekends it’s pretty hard not to have a good time at Bel Vino Winery. Those who like sweeter wines will love this stop and those who like dry wines should opt for their cab franc. Two for One with Priority Wine Pass, save $19.

Stop 5: Mt Palomar Winery: Another small tasting room and one of Temecula’s original wineries, a local favorite with terrific views and live music every weekend. Two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, save $20.

Stop 6: Lorimar Winery: Looking like a transplant from Tuscany is Lorimar Winery, makers of some of Temecula’s best wines. There’s their own food truck on weekends, brunch on Sundays, and the wines will not disappoint. Two for one with Priority Wine Pass, save $20.

Stop 7: Briar Rose Winery: OK, look, I saved this one for the last because it’s so weird. The winery cottage was designed by a Disney “imagineer” who wanted to replicate Snow White’s cottage. There’s Disney music playing, there are trolls, the server’s hair is gelled like a shark and everyone is acting like this is normal. It’s the strangest winery I have ever been to and that’s why you should stop there. Two for One with Priority Wine Pass, save $15.

Remember, you only need ONE Wine Pass per couple to get the Two for One deals!

California Burrito Smackdown: Rubios Versus Robertos

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Rubios California Burrito

Rubios California Burrito


Rubio's is best known for bringing the fish taco to San Diego and subsequently the rest of the world.  No doubt about it, Ralph Rubio nailed that one.  But San Diego is also known for another Cali-Mex creation, the CALIFORNIA BURRITO.  Filled with carne asada, fries, cheese, and typically sour cream, one of the Roberto's claims to have invented it.  Or Santana's?  Or ---- berto's?  No matter, it's a San Diego tradition.  And San Diegans often argue over who makes the best California Burrito with the same passion as In N Out versus Shake Shack (um, come on people, In N Out wins, no contest).  Yes, we love our California Burritos.

So Rubio's, not satisfied to have already claimed the Fish Taco crown, has decided to enter the California Burrito space.  But can they beat Roberto's????  There's only one way to find out and that's with the CALIFORNIA BURRITO SMACKDOWN:  RUBIO'S VERSUS ROBERTO'S!

AND YES, YOU CAN WIN A RUBIOS GIFT CARD.  More on that at the end.



Here are the contenders, side by side.  The Roberto's California Burrito on the left, Rubio's on the right.  Right off the bat the Rubio's appears heftier, fatter, more substantial.

On the left, Robert's. On the right, Rubio's.

On the left, Robert's. On the right, Rubio's.


It's pretty obvious that Rubio's California Burrito is fatter and heftier.   I was going to weigh it but my Biggest Loser food scale was dead, sort of like my diet.  I give this one to Rubio's for shear bulk.  Let's see what's inside these monsters.


Rubio's stuffs their burrito with steak, salsa fresca, guacamole, and fat french fries.  The flour tortilla is legit by taco shop standards and will not disappoint purists.

Inside Rubio's California Burrito

Inside Rubio's California Burrito

Inside Robert's California Burrito

Inside Robert's California Burrito

They may look similar on the outside but not inside.  Roberto's uses skinnier fries, the same meat as their carne asada burrito, cheese, and sour cream.  Roberto's has more meat than fries whereas Rubio's has a 50/50 mix.  Roberto's wins this round as it stays true to the formula - meat, fries, cheese.

Let's roll these back up and cut them in half.

My mom always said it's what's inside that counts.

My mom always said it's what's inside that counts.

Very interesting.   By visuals alone the Rubio's California Burrito is winning the battle with it's fresh ingredients and eye appeal.  This is one sexy burrito.  Roberto's, on the other hand, seems less sophisticated, perhaps even less appetizing.  I tasted the meat of both and both were very good - Rubio's had a more steak taste as if you made a steak at home and cut it into chunks.  Roberto's has a bit more of the carne asada char that you get from a taco shop grill.  'Rubio's wins this round.

Of course, a burrito needs salsa so let;'s see the options.

Roberto's Salsa Options.

Roberto's Salsa Options.

Roberto's has two salsas, a red and a green.  Not much selection but both pretty good. 

Rubio's has a plethora of salsa options!

Rubio's has a plethora of salsa options!

Rubio's has six salsa options - mild, tomatillo, spicy, roasted chipotle, and a couple of jalapeno salsas in squeeze bottles, a green and a red.  Rubio's wins this round!


Rubio's California Burrito

Rubio's California Burrito


The judges included myself and a neighbor I found trimming his own trees.  "Hey You" I shouted - "Want a Burrito?"  He climbed down faster than Curious George chasing a banana.  For me I knew which burrito was which but for my neighbor I didn't tell him anything.  He had no idea who the contenders were.  Yet his results were virtually identical.  The winner of the taste test gains an extra 3 points so it's anyone's ballgame at this point.


1.  We both agreed that while the meat was different in both that they were both good.

2.  Rubio's had more fries and the fatter fries worked against them.  There were bites where all you got were fries. This did not happen with Roberto's where every bite was a delicious combination of meat, fries, and cheese.

3.  The guac was a nice touch but the salsa fresca made the Rubio's burrito less dense and harder to hold onto if you are trying to eat this while riding a skateboard or trying to shift gears on the Porsche.  This is a major concern.

Roberto's California Burrito in hand

Roberto's California Burrito in hand

In the end the winner was.... ROBERTO'S.  It wasn't as fancy as Rubio's but the flavor was classic taco shop, the meat was more Mexican, and the grip was easier.  It is also cheaper, $7.50 versus $8.99.  So while the Rubio's was a VERY GOOD burrito, Roberto's did it just a bit better.  As Mike Love famously said about the Beach Boys, Don't F*ck With the Formula.  And since Roberto's possible created the formula, well, it's pretty easy to keep it going.

But I have to give Rubio's credit for even agreeing to this challenge and doing a take on another San Diego classic.  And don't get me wrong, the Rubio's California Burrito is a fine burrito, one that anyone would be happy to have in front of their face. 


To win a Rubio's Gift Card just go to my instagram page, like the photo of the burrito, and add a comment.  Extra points if you tag someone who would like to win a free burrito.  CONTEST ENDS AUGUST 15TH, 2018!


San Diego Symphony 2018 Bayside Summer Nights Schedule

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Summer concert series to include Roger Daltrey With Band Members From The Who, Patti LaBelle, Megan Hilty, Rick Springfield, Clint Black, Star Wars: A New Hope In Concert, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ in Concert with a live symphony orchestra and more!

San Diego Symphony Summer 2018 Schedule

August Concert Highlights: 


Burt Bacharach

The one-and-only Burt Bacharach is returning to Bayside Summer Nights for a night of lively pop hits! Accompanied by sensational singers and the orchestra, his fresh twist on pop favorites has made him a San Diego Symphony favorite.  


       Roger Daltrey with Members of The Who Band

Rock icon Roger Daltrey will perform Who hits and rarities and songs from his latest album, As Long as I Have You, at a special concertaccompanied by members of the Who band and special guest Leslie Mendelson. This is one of the most sought-after shows of San Diego’s summer concerts.


Gerswhin on Broadway feat. An American in Paris and Porgy and Bess

The Embarcadero will come alive with the music of one of America’s finest composers, George Gerswhin! Led by famed Broadway Conductor Rob Fisher, this concert will focus on the recent revivals of An American in Paris and Porgy and Bess and feature special appearances by top Broadway stars including performer Norm Lewis from the 2012 Porgy and Bess Broadway run and singer, dancer and Tony Award-nominated star of the An American in Paris revival, Robert Fairchild.


Star Wars: A New Hope – In Concert

Step into the thrilling world of Star Wars at this special San Diego Symphony concert! The San Diego Symphony will perform John Williams’ iconic score live-to-picture at the Embarcadero Marina Park South.   


Ladies Who Jam: Women in Jazz

Celebrate the many iconic women of jazz at Ladies Who Jam! The concert will feature some of the most innovative, up-and-coming female talent in today’s jazz music scene including violinist Nora Germain, pianist Helen Sung, and Grammy and Tony Award-winning jazz veteran Dee Dee Bridgewater. 


1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular

The San Diego Symphony’s fantastic Bayside Summer Nights series will end with a bang! Join us for the ever-popular annual Tchaikovsky concert led by Associate Conductor Sameer Patel and watch the night sky light up with a spectacular firework display over San Diego Bay! 

This year, the San Diego Symphony will also be hosting a fun new weekly event: Flamingo Fridays. On Fridays, the Symphony will offer lower ticket prices, happy hour drink specials, pre-concert entertainment, giveaways and gifts!

Box Office: 619.235.0804
Website: www.sandiegosymphony.org
San Diego Symphony - Bayside Summer Nights 2018
Embarcadero Marina Park South
206 Marina Park Way
San Diego, CA 92101

The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla, Beach Front Dining and San Diego Restaurant Week

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The Shores Restaurant8110 Camino Del Oro, La Jolla, CA 92037 - (858) 456-0600

The Quick:  Incredible beach front location in La Jolla, stunning views, open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and Sunday Brunch.  Family friendly, active patio during the Summer.  Literally right on the beach!

The Food:  Pacific Inspired, meaning mainly burgers, seafood and steaks - figure $15 for a lunch burger to dinner entrees such as short ribs or scallops all under $30.

The Hook:  San Diego Restaurant Week, January 21 -28, 2018 - Get an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for $30. 

The Shores Restaurant is often overlooked by locals.  Sure, it's not fancy like The Marine Room and the food isn't over the top gourmet like George's at the Cove but there is no denying that the view and location right on the beach - La Jolla Shores Beach to be exact - should get your attention. And the food, yes, it's very good!

Let's talk about San Diego Restaurant Week for a moment.  If you find yourself eating at the same old places time after time again, this is your week to explore the good eats found all around San Diego.  There are deals, great deals, to be found during San Diego Restaurant Week and if you haven't been to the Shores then put it on your list.

San Diego doesn't have that many "beach front" restaurants - the Shores is one of them!

The restaurant sits literally on the beach.  The huge bar faces the beach as do many of the dining tables.  That said, come before the sun sets for the best experience.  During Restaurant Week you get an appetizer, an entree, and dessert for $30.  They invited me in to sample the food and it was very good.  The chef had credentials from Roy's of Hawaii and there's definitely a bit of Asian influence on the menu, from killer Poke to homemade pot stickers.  But let's get on to my dinner - I know you want to see it.

Ahi Poke at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

Ahi Poke at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

I started with the Ahi Poke and it was perfectly balanced - not to much soy, just enough heat and not drenched in sesame oil, a great way to start the meal.  I regret not getting the Pot Stickers after I found out the chef spent time in Hawaii and knew his Asian cooking.  Oh well, next time.

Short Ribs at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

Short Ribs at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

My entree was the short ribs, nice and tender and succulent, just perfect.  And my wife got the fish - want to see it?

Almond crusted Butterfish at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

Almond crusted Butterfish at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

Oh yeah, this was a good one, a bit mild but very flaky and nicely done.  We ordered a couple of desserts and the one that really knocked us both out was the Creme Brulee with poached pear on top.

Killer Dessert at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

Killer Dessert at The Shores Restaurant in La Jolla

In the end, a great experience and what a great deal during San Diego Restaurant Week - $30 for everything!  A special Thank You to The Shores for inviting me in - you guys are awesome! 

Remember, come before the sun sets for the best experience.  And if you are reading this after restaurant week is over then put this one on your list for a sunny beach day lunch on the patio!






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Las Cuatro Milpas San Diego Best Mexican Food


857 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113 |  (619) 234-4460

THE LOWDOWN:  Sketchy location and run down setting doesn't keep the locals and those in the know from lining up from 630AM to 3PM everyday for San Diego's best tacos, tamales, burritos, rice and beans. 

PRICE:  Cheap Eats - You can't spend more than $10 per person here if you tried.

Forget about trendy "street tacos" with tiny morsels that's barely enough for a bite.  This is Las Cuatro Milpas, San Diego's best Mexican restaurant.  OK, sure, it's a bit sketchy.  There neighborhood has homeless people on the sidewalk and you're not quite sure what to do when you get to the front of the line but don't worry, I'm here to help you.

First, be prepared to wait.  Consider yourself lucky if there's no line but there's nearly always a line.  Las Cuatro Milpas opens at 630AM and closes at 3.  The line moves reasonably fast so just come, don't worry about it.

Menu at Las Cuatro Milpas, 2017

The menu is simple enough. Tacos.  Tamales. Burritos.  Rice and Beans.  Honestly, I'm not even sure you can pick what meat goes in the tacos or tamales.  When you get to the front of the line you just tell them what you want and they make it.  No questions, no options.  Their tacos are deep fried and topped simply with Mexican cheese and some lettuce.  The rice and beans are huge portions and served in a bowl.  You can easily share one order with the table.  They do have a spicy version of the beans with chorizo, I believe, but the standard with some hot sauce is good enough for me.

Hot sauce at Las Cuatro Milpas

Here is the salsa bar.  LOL, while other Mexican restaurants have lots and lots of options Las Cuatro Milpas has one.  It's red, it's hot, and it's all they got so take a couple. 


So order your food and watch them cook it in front of you.  Oh yeah, you need CASH.  Do not make the rookie mistake of coming here with your American Express and then getting all negative on Yelp when you have to leave without tacos after waiting so long in line. 

Once they had you the tray of food you can grab some hot sauce and add some onions and cilantro on top.  Drinks are all in the can, waters are a buck, no beer, no wine, and NO MARGARITAS.  This isn't a theme restaurant.  There are no pinatas or ironic black velvet portraits of Elvis.  It's ain't that sort of joint. 

Once you have your food I like to head to the back where they are making tortillas. There's another dining area around the corner but that's my favorite table right there.

Tamale, rice and beans

After all that here is what I got - one tamale floating in a bowl of rice and beans - $5!  The tamale is the best tamale I have ever tasted and I've tasted a lot of tamales.  I even make my own tamales but I'm giving up now and just buying these.  Filled with meat (pork?), nice and plump and the masa is the perfect texture.  The rice and beans are delicious but attack my stomach pretty much within an hour after I eat them so, well, don't come here before getting on an airplane.  Just saying....

Las Cuatro Milpas tortillas

Oh, and every order comes with homemade tortillas! You know those tortillas you get at the supermarket?  Not even close to how good these are. 

TIP:  Bring a cooler as if you are like me you will have leftovers. They have to-go boxes near the cash register you can grab.

SUMMARY:  If you love Mexican food you need to come here.  If you're a local and you haven't been here yet then do it this weekend.  And if you're a tourist do not make the mistake of only eating Americanized Mexican food in Old Town or upscale tacos in upscale restaurants - come here for a taste of the real deal at Las Cuatro Milpas.




San Diego Hotels With Tennis Courts

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Traveling to San Diego isn't complete without experiencing its vibrant tennis scene. A haven for tennis players, the city features a bevy of state-of-the-art sports facilities accessible to both recreational and professional players. 

Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara

Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara

Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara

This luxurious resort tucked away in north San Diego county, known for its golf community, is also a great place for tennis as well. Its four hard and two clay lighted courts are always in tip-top shape, and players of all ages can take of lessons at the Four Seasons. Their lessons come with rackets and even tennis shoes, giving those who've always wanted to play tennis zero reasons not to try.

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

The La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club is known for attracting high-profile members, and is quite easily the finest and most elite tennis facility in the area. This holds quite some weight if you consider that La Jolla beach has more tennis courts per capita than any other area in the United States.

Since 1935, celebrities and professional tennis players alike have graced this beachfront hotel's 12 championship hard courts. It is also host to the annual Pacific Coast Men's Doubles Championship, the second oldest tennis event in the United States, approaching its 130th year.

La Costa Resort & Spa

La Costa Resort & Spa: Photo credit Omni Hotels La Costa

La Costa Resort & Spa: Photo credit Omni Hotels La Costa

The 17 clay and hard courts at La Costa have been host to professional tournaments for many years. According to tennis website Play Your Court San Diego, World Team Tennis league team The Aviators, which features some of the top young players in the world, even call the courts here their home. But you don't have to be a pro to enjoy tennis at La Costa. Their many tennis amenities, which include group and private lessons, lighted courts, ball machines available for rent, are also available for amateur players. They also offer the Extreme Tennis Makeover program, where you can record your sessions on video for viewing later on to help improve your game.

Rancho Valencia

Rancho Valencia, San Diego: Photo Credit Tennis Resorts Online

Rancho Valencia, San Diego: Photo Credit Tennis Resorts Online

Complex.com includes Rancho Valencia in its listof "Breathtaking Places to Play Tennis Before You Die”. The 45-acre state of the art facility features 18 pro-level plexi-plave courts spread throughout the property, and breathtaking views of the San Dieguito valley are part of the package.

Ball machines are available for use when you stay at the resort. They offer tennis matching for solo travelers, which means you can always find a good match against a player of similar ability. Families, on the other hand, can enjoy private lessons and sessions, and tennis clinics are regularly held by local pros.

Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Paradise Point Resort & Spa: Photo Credit  booking.com

Paradise Point Resort & Spa: Photo Credit booking.com

Tennis is just one of the many sports offered by this family-friendly resort, built on a private island close to SeaWorld. Ball machines and pro lessons are readily available by appointment, and courts are available for reservations.

Guest Post by Judith J. Prince, 2017.

Green Flash Concert Series | Birch Aquarium at Scripps | Things to Do in San Diego 2017

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Green Flash Concerts at Scripps Aquarium 2017

Green Flash Concerts at Scripps Aquarium 2017

Each summer Birch Aquarium transforms its Tide Pool Plaza into an outdoor music venue unlike any other for the Green Flash Concert Series. These lively monthly concerts, presented in partnership with 101.5 KGB, STAR 94.1, and Belly Up Entertainment, provide the ultimate Southern California music experience while supporting a good cause. 

The concert series, which is for ages 21 and up, combines live music with panoramic ocean views. Keep an eye out for a real “green flash,” a rare optical phenomenon caused by refraction of light as the sun sets on the horizon.

The view, the setting, the music, this is what San Diego summers are all about!

The view, the setting, the music, this is what San Diego summers are all about!

The 2017 Green Flash Lineup:

Wednesday, May 17


Johnnyswim is an American folk, soul, blues, and pop music duo consisting of singer-songwriters Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez.

Wednesday, June 21


Cracker has been described as a lot of things: alternative rock, Americana, insurgent country, —even punk and classic rock. Led by vocalist David Lowery and guitarist Johnny Hickman, the band has brought us genre bending songs such as "Low,” “Euro-Trash Girl" and “Get Off This."

Wednesday, July 19

Steve Poltz

Playful singer-songwriter and San Diego legend Steve Poltz returns for a clever, creative, and fun-filled evening. Always quirky and unpredictable.

Wednesday, Aug. 16

Milo Greene

Milo Greene is an L.A.-based Cinematic Indie-pop band with four members doing double-duty as singers and songwriters.

Wednesday, Sept. 20

Pine Mountain Logs and Venice

The Pine Mountain Logs' repertoire of high energy classic hits range from Led Zeppelin to the Jackson Five, Tom Petty, TLC, Aerosmith, Outkast and more, with surprise bridges and choruses around every corner.

Venice’s sound is at once familiar and fresh, their classic rock and folk influences — such as Crosby Stills & Nash, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder — apparent in their pop sensibilities.

All concerts are held from 5:30 to 9 p.m. and are general admission and standing room only. Savory bites, craft beers, and wines are available for purchase. Tickets are available for pre-purchase for $30.95 for members, $35.95 for the general public (convenience fees may apply). Walk up tickets are $41.95. Season passes are also available for $140 for members and $154.95 for general public.

Admission includes the concert, entrance to all aquarium exhibits, and parking. Green Flash Concerts are made possible by Subaru, Rock Bottom, French Gourmet, Bank of America, Korbel, Jackson Design and Remodeling, Sobieski Vodka, and EventAvision. Proceeds support exhibits and educational programming at Birch Aquarium at Scripps. 


For more information or to purchase tickets, visit aquarium.ucsd.edu.