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Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

Local Wally's Guide to Temecula Wineries and 2 for 1 Discounts

Get 2 for 1 wine Tasting Deals for Temecula

Looking for wine tasting 2 for 1 deals in Temecula?

An hours drive from San Diego and Orange County and an hour and a half from Los Angeles is Temecula Valley, San Diego’s own Wine Country. With over 40 wineries in a condensed area, it’s no wonder that Temecula has become a favorite day trip destination for both visitors and locals alike.

Country roads, quaint shops, and wine, lots of wine, it’s the perfect way to getaway without actually going far.

But before you get into your car know that wine tasting can be expensive! Most Temecula wineries charge $15 to $20 per person to taste. Figure a couple will go to 6 wineries and that’s easily $200 bucks in tasting fees. But don’t worry, I got you covered on how to do Temecula on a Budget! Just read on!

Get Tickets Now for the San Diego Wine and Food Festival

Get Tickets Now for the San Diego Wine and Food Festival

Temecula Wine country 1o1 - planning your 2 for 1 wine tasting day trip

Picnic at Hart Winery in Temecula

HOW MANY WINERIES ARE IN TEMECULA? There are around 40 wineries and growing, most of them very close to each other. The main drag is Rancho California Road but there are many wineries tucked away here and there. Know where you are going before you get here.

IS A DAY TRIP GOOD ENOUGH OR SHOULD I SPEND THE WEEKEND? Temecula is perfect for the day tripper, though there are plenty of places to spend the night should you want to make it into a longer adventure. Some of the wineries have actually built resorts on their property and there’s also great rooms at the Temecula Creek Inn, a pretty golf course and resort setting.

WHERE SHOULD I EAT? There are plenty of restaurant/winery combinations but for me I’d save the money and do a picnic. The best, and I mean the best sandwiches in Temecula are at Campani’s Italian Deli, worth the extra few minutes to stop in to grab some food to go. Where to picnic? I like Hart Winery (see photo above). Nice, casual, and good wines.

WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO IN TEMECULA? Closer to the freeway is Temecula Old Town, a street of antique stores in a Frontier Village, old time western motif. There are plenty of restaurants there as well, from casual Mexican food to sit down fancy steakhouses. You like antiques, you’ll love Old Town.

WHAT ABOUT BREWERIES? Yes, Temecula has around 10 breweres open featuring local craft beer. Ballast Point from San Diego is now open, a worthy stop for beer lovers.

HOW DO I GET TWO FOR ONE TASTINGS? The easiest way to get 2 for 1 tastings is with the Priority Wine Pass. You buy one pass per couple (get it here to get my discount). The pass is $39.99 so as long as you go to two wineries you break even. Drink more, save more, what a great concept! And the pass is also good in Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, even Oregon, and good for a full year. Don’t come to Temecula without it! Oh sure, you might find a few coupons here or there on the internet but most are Mon-Thurs only or have limitations so if you want to get wine tasting deals with no hassle just get the wine pass.



Best Two for One Tasting Offers in Temecula

Hart Winery

What I like about Hart is that you can still feel the family roots, their wines a labor of love. Unlike a lot of the larger wineries in the area, Hart hasn’t fallen prone to commercialism and remains focused on producing the best wines they can. Pretty views, picnic tables, and great wines, makes Hart a “must taste” winery stop.

Two for one tastings with the Priority Wine Pass, save $15.

Wally says: Bring a picnic, this place is perfect!

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Thornton Winery in Temecula

Thornton winery

Sparkling wine makes Thornton the perfect first stop for any Temecula wine tasting day. Established in 1981, Thornton makes seven different “champagne” varietals - try them all! Nearly as famous as their wines is their concert series, now celebrating 30 years, along with their upscale dining options.

Two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, save $20.

Wally says: Their champagnes are the main draw but don’t forget to try their still wines.

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Avensole Winery Temecula

Avensole winery

Grand, sweeping, Avensole is defined by the owners as Matchless Adventure, the coming together of the passion for making some of Temecula’s finest wines. Dining options, wedding venue, retail shop, expansive outdoor patio, and huge ballroom for events.

Two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, save $20.

Wally says: Huge separate restaurant makes this the perfect lunch spot.

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Bel Vino Winery in Temecula

Bel Vino winery

Bel Vino is a fun winery. With the outdoor music, seating on the grass, tastings in the barrel room, this is bachelorette party ready. But don’t be fooled, their reserve cab franc here was surprisingly delicious, a worthy contender for the best wine in Temecula. Bring your picnic blanket and kick back.

Two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, save $18.95.

Wally says: Bring your friends and relax with easy sipping wines and great music on the lawn.

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Lorimar Winery in Temecula

Lorimar winery

I really like Lorimar Winery. First, the setting and architecture is first rate, looking like a Tuscan villa. More importantly, the wines are some of the best in the valley. Their “restaurant” is a food truck in the vineyard (Thurs/Fri/Sat, Brunch on Sunday). How cool is that? This is a “must visit”, one of the best in Temecula.

Two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, save $20.00.

Wally says: Come for the food truck but don’t miss the wine, some of Temecula’s best.

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Oak Mountain is cave tastings in Temecula

Oak Mountain winery

Also known as The Cave, Oak Mountain winery is buried into the hillside. Step inside to the long bar for tastings, or hang outside in the sunshine. Restaurant dining in the back of the cave with the barrels, how fun. In fact, this entire place is made for fun based on the laughter from the crowds.

Two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, save $20.00.

Wally says: Try their Caveman and Cavewoman wines, two takes on “civilized” and “uncivilized” reds.

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More Temecula Wine Tasting deals!


Fazeli Cellars: 2 for 1 tasting and 10% off select vintages ($15 value) Known for: Red blends, Cab, Shiraz, Sauv Blanc, Rose

Falkner Winery: 2 for 1 tasting Monday-Friday ($10 value) Known for: Red blends, Cab, Syrah, Meritage, Port, Chardonnay, Rose, Riesling, Sauv Blanc

Weins Winery: 2 for 1 tasting Monday-Thursday ($15 value) Known for: Red blends, Cab, Tempranillo, Zin, Cab, Merlot, Port, Rose, Riesling, Sauv Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Sparkling, Muscat

Briar Rose Winery: 2 for 1 tasting  ($15 Value) Known for: Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Termpranillo, Barbera, Zinfandel, & Cabernet Franc.

Cougar Vineyards: 25% off 90 minute tour, tasting and food pairing for up to 2 people ($20 Value) Known for: Italian Style Wines



Why pay full price for wine tasting in Temecula when you could get two for one with the Priority Wine Pass? Do the math, if you visit more than two wineries you come out ahead with the pass. And since it’s good for a year you can use it again and again.

Vacationers - even if you are coming for a day you can still walk away with money in your pocket by using the pass! That should buy you a nice dinner or lunch. Treat yourself!

Buy only ONE pass per couple and get it here to get my discount. The pass is $39.99 if you get it here.


No Deals Here But Worth Checking Out

Baily Vineyards: I like their wines but I really love their restaurant called Carol’s. The Reuben sandwich is a knockout though I totally disagree with serving a sandwich like this with a salad instead of fries!

Callaway Vineyard: Wait, Callaway as in the golf clubs? Yes, those are the roots of this long time Temecula favorite though the relationship is in name only these days. Lunch available.

Europa Village: Big plans here, Europa Village is to be a homage to the wine styles of France, Italy and Spain. A work in progress and a fun stop, you can even stay overnight at their Inn.

Monte De Oro Winery: Impressive winery with its 2,500 square foot tasting room with a glass floor that gives tasters a peak into the barrel cellar.

Mt Palomar Winery: Established in 1969, Mt Palomar wines are a long time favorite to locals who are looking for both great wines and views.

Ponte Winery: I like Ponte even if they said I couldn’t take photos there for my website :-). Oh well, I still think they are worth a stop and the outdoor restaurant on a sunny day is one of the best.

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa: For those looking for a weekend escape and want to stay at a winery, check out this one. Nice restaurant on site, good wines, solid stop.

Wilson Creek Winery: OK, haters step aside but Wilson Creek is famous for their almond flavored sparkling wines that just screams Par-Tay! A popular stop on the Temecula Wine Trail, taste if for yourself.