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Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

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San Diego Good Eats: Ironside Fish and Oyster

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Don't look behind you at Ironside Fish and Oyster!

Don't look behind you at Ironside Fish and Oyster!

I was a bit skeptical when a hipster seafood restaurant opened in Little Italy.  But I was wrong.  Ironside Fish and Oyster just might be my favorite seafood restaurant in San Diego.  Come with me and check it out - but first, the basics.


WHAT IS IT?  Best described as a hipster seafood restaurant in Little Italy with ultra fresh fish and a reasonably priced menu, less than $20 for most dinner entrees.

WHAT'S GOOD?:  Lobster roll with fries is my favorite, but here's the menu.

1654 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 269-3033


Eclectic design, a bit of mid-century mixed with a weird ship theme - it's cool!

The restaurant is definitely hipster with a bit of nautical theme meets mid-century with a dash of prohibition period ambiance.  Tables are bistro close so don't be alarmed when the person seated next to you is nearly as close as your date.  Just say hello, be friendly, you can do it.

A large selection of oysters, ask your server to describe them so you get the ones you like.  

Oysters are fresh and delicious here.  Don't get smug, I know they have "oysters" in their name but I've been to plenty of restaurants around town that frankly have questionable oysters.  But these are great, though at $3 apiece a bit pricy.  But you go with your bargain oysters, I'll stick with top shelf.

Paella is a hard dish to get right but Ironside Fish and Oyster does it very, very well.

The menu is nice and simple - whole fish, fancy fish, simple fish - along with a handful of entrees like this incredible Paella, a big bowl of shellfish with chunks of fresh fish mixed into a flavorful rice.  This one is good, very good.  But enough of that, let's take a look at the star of the show, the Lobster Roll.

At $21 the Lobster Roll might seem a bit expensive, but when it arrives at your table everyone will be jealous. Tons of lobster meat inside and out, and it's moist and tender and not in the least dried out or overcooked.  Add to it some excellent fries and you need to trust me when I say "get this"!

Hipsters shouldn't get all the good seafood in San Diego.  Dat wouldn't be right.  So get into Ironsides and sink your teeth into some of San Diego's best seafood served up in a equally fresh setting.  It's my new favorite seafood restaurant!

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