Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

la jolla seals

La Jolla Seals: The first seal pup of 2017 has been born!

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Baby seals on the beach in San Diego / La Jolla.

The Seal Conservancy is happy to report that the first pup of the season was born at Casa Beach on February 4, 2017!  But, wait - there's more! Mara and Jenny, two more pups, were born on February 5! Soon, these pups will be popping up all over the beach. If you missed the first few births, there is still plenty of time to witness the beauty of a live birth or watch pups and moms nursing, swimming, or being playful. Under the safe and peaceful conditions of a closed beach, we can reasonably expect there to be 40 - 50 successful seal pup births at the rookery this year, with the majority of births between February and late March.

Harbor seals are pregnant for 9 - 11 months? If pregnant seals have a safe place to rest before birth, then it is very likely that the average newborn pup will be born full term and weighing 20 - 24 pounds. It is very important that once this pup is born, the mother is undisturbed for 24 hours and is able to bond with the pup. Once the mom and pup have bonded, the newborn will nurse from its mother for one month before it is weaned and ready to swim and hunt on its own.


The chain is up and the beach is closed for the 2017 harbor seal pupping season, but this almost did not happen because of on-going litigation. Please visit our Latest News webpage to stay informed of the news at Casa Beach.

Follow the pup births at Casa Beach by checking in our Pup News 2017 page. We try to keep track of each birth as it occurs - sometimes 3 or 4 in one day - and update our page with details and photos of the newborn pups.

Seals on the Beach are Back in San Diego! What's New at Casa Beach in La Jolla

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The cooling weather is creating comfortable conditions on the shore of Casa Beach for our harbor seal colony to enjoy! Every day, more and more seals are being seen at the rookery, and numbers are expected to keep climbing as pupping season (December 15 - May 15) approaches.

Are you planning a trip to the beach? Click here to check out our seal statistics page and find out how many seals are likely to be on the beach during your visit. In addition to predicting seal activity on the beach, you will also notice that after gaining the legal protections of 2014 and 2015, the Casa Beach harbor seal colony is thriving!

When visiting Casa Beach, please remember:

  • There will be a guideline rope on the beach for the safest public viewing of the seals, until December 15 - May 15, when the beach will be closed for pupping season
  • If you see a sick or injured seal, please call Sea World Marine Mammal Rescue at (800)541-7325
  • If you see someone abusing or harassing the seals, please call NOAA's Law Enforcement at (800) 853-1964
  • Enjoy your time at the beach, and if you can, please count the number of seals you see and email them to sealcounts@sealconservancy.org. Maybe make it a fun game for the kids!
Seals doing what comes naturally in San Diego

Fun Seal Fact of the Day!

Seals share a common ancestor with dogs and bears and have upper and lower arms and legs concealed within their skin. Only their hands and feet extend outside the body envelope.

How You Can Help

Donate - Any little bit will help!
While the Seal Conservancy does receive precious support from volunteer staff, there is an abundant need for professional services when gaining and defending legal protections on the beach. We are proud to say that contributions from our passionate supporters have powered the success at Casa Beach!

Volunteer - On the beach or from home! There is lots of work to be done, from counting seals to organizing events. Please email info@sealconservancy.org for information.

Visit the beach - Show the City of San Diego how much you appreciate the safety of the seals and come enjoy the scene! Our City has fought long and hard for the protections at the beach. Let's thank them by continuing to safely enjoy the seals. Tell all of your friends, and bring your out-of-town family, to the gem at Casa Beach.

While you're there, please help the Seal Conservancy to protect the Casa Beach seal colony! All it takes is an email! Simply count the number of seals you see on the beach during your visit, and include this count, the time you counted them, and the date in an email to sealcounts@sealconservancy.org. You can also fill out our Seal Count form at http://sealconservancy.org/seal-counts/.