Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

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Estancia Resort: Photos from 4th Annual Wine & Whiskey BBQ

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Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa is a gem of a resort, looking a bit like an upscale California ranch. Tucked away in La Jolla near UCSD, Estancia has a lot to offer for both tourists and locals such as the 4th Annual Wine and Whiskey BBQ, one of the best food and drink events in San Diego. But we'll get to that in a moment after I show you around the resort a bit.

Yes, Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa is a great place, a wonderful stay-cation for locals and excellent pick for visitors. It's elegant but not stuffy, upscale without being pretentious, it's California casual.


Annual Wine & Whiskey BBQ photos

The problem with a lot of food festivals are the massive crowds but I love that Estancia La Jolla didn't over sell the tickets and pack them in. You want another drink, you get one. You want more food, no problem. And both food and drink were plentiful and delicious, from the lovely wines from Trintas Cellars, a Napa winery they own that has its own tasting room onsite, to the creative cocktails done up in craft cocktail style with big block ice cubes to the excellent BBQ shrimp, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, and enough beans and cornbread to make a cowboy happy. Dessert bar equally impressive - so full!

But I promised you photos so here you go. But before I go just remember this event for next year, it's really one of the best in San Diego!