Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

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San Diego's Mission Brewery Takes Home the Gold!

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Mission Brewery wins again!

In a few short years, San Diego has become the home of one of the most thriving craft beer cities across the country. With big-name breweries like Green Flash, Mission Brewery, Stone Brewing Co. and Ballast Point being brewed in San Diego, the city has experienced strong support for the growth and spread of this industry. A community that seeks innovative methods for perfecting their newest brews, San Diego has proudly help foster some of the most original craft beers that we have seen on the market.

One of the community’s newest legends is Mission Brewery’s Hard Root Beer. A twist on the classic IPAs and ales that we see being created, Mission’s Hard Root Beer has opened up a new door for those looking to expand their craft-brewed palette.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the response our craft hard root beer has received in the market,” Mission Brewery owner Dan Selis said. “We expect it to continue growing in popularity.” 

A new taste on the craft beer scene, the Hard Root Beer has seen growing popularity in the past year. In the 2015 US Open Beer Championship, Mission proudly received the Gold Medal for their Hard Root Beer, beating out competitors from all across the country. Creamy, smooth, and sweet but not cloying, Mission’s Hard Root Beer has traditional root beer notes of sarsaparilla and vanilla. This new trend on the craft beer market is one that you don’t want to miss! Get out of your comfort zone and experience one of San Diego’s newest innovations: a gold-medal winning hard root beer, proudly brewed right here in down town San Diego.

Guest Blog by  Alisha Starelli

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Great local beer at San Diego's Mission Brewery

When I was a kid my favorite school field trip was to the Wonder Bread factory. The smells of baking bread were intoxicating and the tiny little loaf of Wonder Bread they gave you at the end was like a tiny block of edible gold.  Today that same Wonder Bread factory is home to Mission Brewery and while they no longer make bread you can get some pretty darn incredible beer there!  I wonder if kids today go on field trips to Mission Brewery to see how beer is made and to take home a sample 6 pack for Dad?  Doubt it, but what a good idea!

It's no surprise that Mission Brewery has won awards and you need to get yourself in there to taste for yourself why it's one of San Diego's most popular beers.  Go before a Padre game, go after, go whenever, it's still one of the best field trips you will ever go on.

Congrats, Mission Brewery!

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