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Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

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Will Anthony's Fish Grotto Close?

Local WallyComment

Can it be true?  The Port of San Diego is seriously thinking of kicking Anthony's Fish Grotto out of the location it's had for over 60 years claiming that they have been shoddy tenants?  I don't know nothing about that but if Anthony's closes where will we go when we have an urge for our deep fried seafood?  Locals sometimes mock Anthony's as a tourist trap but face it, the fried seafood there is iconic, maybe even epic, and no one fries fish and shrimp better than Anthony's.  I will risk being banned from Yelp! and say that no other restaurant in San Diego does fried seafood better than Anthony's.

Sure, Anthony's is old fashioned and yes, the retro 70's feel is not part of a cool theme but the result of their "never ever remodel anything" policy.  But that also goes for the food, which has bucked the trend to go fancy and modern and to stick with the basics and do them well.  So what if the waitresses all look like they used to work at Woolworths?  If you let them all get tattoos would that make Anthony's cooler?  I vote for keeping Anthony's just the way it is.  OK, they can shampoo the carpets but that's it!

So I hope it's not true because San Diego has a habit of tossing out the old before realizing that someday we will truly miss them.  We have a lot of new restaurants with trendy food and hipster menus.  Someday we're going to get tired of deconstructed molecular gastronomy and just want a plate of fried fish and chips and then where will we go if Anthony's is just a memory?