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Local Wally's Guide to San Diego

a fair to remember

Fair Food To Remember (Or Not!)

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I'll admit it.  I have been called a foodie, even a food snob.  I just love food. It doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be weird, it just has to be good.  And with that in mind I enter the San Diego Fair 2015, A Fair To Remember, to taste all the new things the fair has to offer this year. 

The usual suspects are there.  Tasti Chips, the ultimate just fried potato chip, still fresh and crispy.  Australian Battered Potatoes, a tempura dipped potato slice dipped in nacho cheese sauce or ranch dressing, a decadent favorite.  The excellent cinnamon rolls, the grilled corn on the cob booth, all there and all still serving up fair food that's comforting and doesn't disappoint.  Stick with these old favorites and you don't leave with Midway Food Disappointment.

But you can't resist, can you?  You have to try to newest, the weirdest, the fair food that everyone is talking about just so you can talk about it when you get back to the office.  So let me guide you to the New Things to Eat at the San Diego Fair, 2015.

Chicken Charlie Fries Again

Triple Decker Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

Deep fried Slimfast Bar

Deep fried pickle with peanut butter inside

Deep fried pickle with peanut butter inside

Chicken Charlies is an enigma to me.  On one hand the produce one of the best things at the fair, the Maui Pineapple which is a full half pineapple stuffed with rice and teriyaki chicken, nearly restaurant quality.  They make a decent chicken kebob with breast meat that is a solid healthy option. 

And then they fry a Slimfast bar.

That's right, the shock food this year is a deep fried Slimfast bar that's surprisingly tasty, a bit like a deep fried brownie.  That should be no real surprise as Slimfast tries to taste like real food so deep frying it makes it taste just like real fair food.

The Krispy Kreme burger returns in a triple decker and it's better than I remembered it from a couple of years ago when I gave it a huge thumbs down.  I'm not sure why it was so bad before but so not bad now, but I sort of liked it.  I'd eat it again.  Maybe one more time.

But not the deep fried pickle stuffed with peanut butter, which was a disgusting mess and simply terrible.  Some people seemed to really like it but I think it's more shock than anything.  Think about it - do you normally put peanut butter on top of a dill pickle?  Does that even sound good? 

Bacon A Fair, Oh No, Seriously???

Bacon A Fair Wasabi Bomb

Chocolate Covered Pork Rinds

Deep Fried Starbucks Coffee???

First let me start by saying I had high hopes for these 3 new items.  Sigh.  Bacon A Fair seriously strikes out three times in a row, first with the Wasabi Bomb which was a soggy, messy dough ball filled with wasabi sauce (cheese?) and wrapped in bacon.  It sounds like it would work but the execution failed.

The chocolate covered pork rinds were just not pleasant, not tasty.  Not bad, but nothing that makes you want more.  Same with the Deep Fried Starbucks which was another soggy ball of dough with ground up coffee beans inside.  Texturally it was just weird.  I've read some Instagram posts from others who loved all three of these items but no one in my party liked these.  Taste for yourself at your own risk!

From the Original Grilled Corn Booth

The guy on the left is the owner of the Original Corn Booth.  He's much bigger in person.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream.  Yes, it's ice cream that tastes like corn wrapped in a corn husk.  Gimmick?  Silly?  Perhaps, but it's also one of the tastiest things at the fair this year.  Foodies will agree, this is the sort of thing you would order at a cool hipster restaurant in North Park and gush all over.  It's sophisticated, it's creamy, it's the sort of thing that you think wouldn't work but does.  Big thumbs up!

Some people around me were less enthusiastic but you can't deep fry everything!  Trust me, if you are a foodie you will love this ice cream.  Find it at the original grilled corn booth, the one with the giant inflatable corn cob display.

Pinks Hotdogs from Hollywood

Pinks Hotdogs from Hollywood does everything right

Pinks is the famous hotdog joint in Hollywood, the place where people stand in line for an hour to get a chili dog.  I've done that, at midnight, so I was very happy to see them at the San Diego Fair.  But can a hotdog compete with the crazy deep fried creations from the other food vendors? 

Yes.  In fact it kicks their butts.  That's because Pinks uses ultra high quality dogs that pop when you bite them and tops them with creative, but quality, ingredients.  The chili on the dog is so good you want a bowl of it and the sauerkraut and pastrami dog goes beyond the weird factor and into the wow.  I know, getting a hot dog at the fair seems somewhat anticlimactic but not when it's a dog from Pinks.

Best Thing to Eat at the San Diego Fair, 2015 - The Gingerbread House

Yes, I want that S'more sundae!

Insanely delicious!

Just look for this guy.  You know this guy!

What?  A dessert wins for the Best Thing To Eat at the Fair, 2015?  I don't even like desserts but this is twice in the past 5 years I've given Best of The Fair to the Gingerbread House.  I had a delicious 7 layer S'More sundae, melted marshmallows with crispy graham crackers dusted on top, it was absolutely decadently delicious!  It was simple, it was well executed, and the melted gooey marshmallow was a nice textural surprise. The Gingerbread House proves that you don't need a deep fryer to make great food at the fair. 

I know it's not sexy like a deep fried sciracha pickle wrapped in bacon but in the end it's all about eating something that makes you smile, a treat that makes you want another bite, and that's exactly what the Gingerbread House does.  You go ahead and order that deep fried whatever, you'll find me in my bliss spot at The Gingerbread House happily eating desserts.